Festival2011/Practical Tactics for Coding the Mobile Web

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The mobile web is an intimidating landscape, full of devices and mystery and bugs and complexity. Let's talk about some ways to ease into the pan-device web, as inspired by the tenets of the Future Friendly manifesto (http://futurefriend.ly). What does this mean for media? One of the core complexities in the future of the web is how to treat our content—which is all that matters, really—with the respect and consistency it deserves.

p.s. I'm Lyza Danger Gardner (@lyzadanger). I'm here all weekend, so please grab me at any time if you have mobile web questions!

Skills Needed

Hey, you should know what a web page is, and not be terrifically flustered by HTML-related terminology. But my aim is to make this approachable, so if I start wandering off into jargon-land, shout at me!

Post-Event Participation

Keep an eye on Future Friendly to come, and track related happenings via @future_friendly or the #ffly hash tag.



Relevant links


EtherPad for the session to take notes and collaborate