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The recent launch of BostonGlobe.com wow'ed the web world with its use of HTML5 and responsive design approach. Working in small, multi-disciplinary teams, we challenge you to envision a tablet-optimised version of the Boston Globe.

  • How can it appeal to a younger, app-savvy audience?
  • What interactions and navigation concepts could make this a news experience that stands out?
  • How can it utilise native tablet functionality through HTML5? Remember, this is in the browser and not an app.

In your teams, we encourage you to think about

  • what usage scenarios you want to illustrate
  • what technologies you want to explore

Pick up to 3 use cases to work on.


  • How do people consume news on the iPad?
  • What content are they interested in? Focus on a younger audience.
  • What’s the context – are they at home? What time of the day is it?
  • What interactions are appropriate for a great reading experience that stands out?
  • Do you want to focus on a specific topic, such as weather or sports?
  • Do you want to focus on a specific media type, such as video or photos?
  • What technological characteristics do you want to focus on? See the separate info sheet.

Skills Needed

  • Programmers, frontend, backend
  • User experience designers
  • Journalists

Post-Event Participation

How people can get involved with your project after the festival.


  • #html5
  • #ipad
  • #news
  • #newsapp
  • #bostonglobal
  • #newsjam
  • #newshack

Relevant links

EtherPad for the session to take notes and collaborate