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Verifying Breaking News Sources: How can we know who to trust? The London riots, Japanese tsunami, or Arab Spring. Information and human stories flood in, rumors spread, and images and data explode. How do we determine the authenticity of what’s being reported? How do we know someone is who they say they are? Use the social web, trust metrics, and other tools to help journalists accurately verify sources during the confusion of a crisis.

The Plan

  1. Pick a news item of the day or generate a fake one for testing purposes
  2. Divide into teams by types of tasks: Tech and Design, Research, Verification Standards, Analytics, Writers/Outreach...
  3. Build a map while we talk verification and trusted reporters

Help us hack verification and trust into each sub-team of the deployment.

Skills Needed

Tech - PhP, know how to use APIs, git hub, graphic designers, create plugins
Academic - researchers, reviewers, idea hackers
Storytellers - video, audio, photographers, bloggers,communications folks
GIS - mappers
All - new media hackers

Post-Event Participation

Join http://www.community.ushahidi.com



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EtherPad for the session to take notes and collaborate