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Wikimedia data is free to reuse and licensed under Creative Commons (etc.) but it's not necessarily easy to know where to start in reusing and repurposing data from Wikimedia projects like Wikipedia.

If you've got questions about Wikimedia technology or just anything related to Wikimedia or Wikipedia stuff, come along. If mostly techies come along, we can talk about techie things. If it's journalists and other people who throw their ideas around in things other than code, we can talk about policy or whatever takes people's fancy.

Skills Needed

The tech stuff is relatively straight forward: familiarity with the concept of APIs, knowledge of PHP and JavaScript, and maybe CSS and MySQL. There's nothing mind-bendingly complicated, unless you ask a mind-bendingly complicated question.

Post-Event Participation

How people can get involved with your project after the festival.


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Relevant links

EtherPad for the session to take notes and collaborate