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  • Title of session: Teach someone something with open content (School of Open)
  • Your name and affiliation: Jane Park, Creative Commons (official), P2PU (volunteer)
  • Session format: Learning Lab and Design Challenge

What will your session or activity allow people to make, learn or do?

Participants will become familiar with the School of Open, context, philosophy, guidelines. Participants will learn how to teach someone something open content, by finding, using, and sharing open content on the web. Participants will also make (and in the process learn how to design effectively) what they taught into a P2PU course.

How do you see that working?

The session will be split up into three parts: 1) Introductory exercises, 2) Taking an open challenge, and 3) Building the results into a School of Open course.

In 1) participants will become familiar with the School of Open, context, philosophy, guidelines.

In 2) participants will learn how to Teach someone something with open content by taking the challenge in breakout groups. Participants will then rotate groups for Round Robin teaching/learning. The skills learned in this activity: Finding, using, and sharing open content on the web.

In 3) participants will assemble, edit, and adapt the resources they found in 2) to create a School of Open challenge or course, following School of Open guidelines and the 30 minute challenge of making a course. Skills learned: Designing an effective peer learning challenge/course. If there is time, participants will also identify the skills (and potential badges) learned in their course.

How will you deal with 5, 15, 50 participants?

A group of 5 would remain as one or two groups of 2 and 3; a larger group would be broken up into groups of 3-5, depending on interest.

How long within your session before someone else can teach this?

The introductory exercises should take at most half an hour; participants will be teaching each other well into the second part of the session (which I estimate will occur at 1 to 1.5 hours). Total session time should be ~3 hours.

What do you see as outcomes after the festival?

Several new courses created as part of School of Open with relevant skills mapped; constructive feedback/ways to improve existing courses, especially Teach Someone Something with Open Content; feedback to improve the School of Open guidelines; and several new course creators joining the School of Open community.