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Warning: The content of this page is obsolete and kept for archiving purposes of past processes.

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The sophistication of the underlying Thunderbird filter system has not yet progressed to match that of classic Eudora (i.e. ≤E7.1). Because of this, some of the filter conditions, operators, and actions will not be imported, though the filter containing them will be imported.

The following charts diagram the classic Eudora filter system elements and the state of their support in Eudora OSE, given in the order in which they appear in the respective application.

Mail Headers

Mail Header   Supported in OSE   Label in OSE
To: To
From: From
Subject: Subject
Cc: Cc
Reply-To: Reply-To *
«Any Header»
«Body» Body
«Any Recipient» Intersects From, To, Cc or Bcc which adds the From header which was not supported in the classic Eudora selector
«Junk Score»

* Added by Eudora OSE’s Customize feature which allows you to add any mail header selector not included by default; Reply-To can be used as a syntax reference for other custom header selectors.

Eudora OSE adds the following header selectors not found in the classic application:

  • Priority
  • Status
  • To or Cc
  • From, To, Cc or Bcc
  • Age in Days
  • Size (KB)
  • Tags

Logical Conditions

Logical Conditions   Supported in OSE   Label in OSE
contains contains
doesn’t contain doesn’t contain
is is
is not isn’t
starts with begins with
ends with ends with
doesn’t appear
intersects nickname
doesn’t intersect nickname
intersects address book is in my address book *
doesn’t intersect address book isn’t in my address book *
matches regexp (case insensitive)
matches regexp

* Only appears when a recipient header has been selected.

Logical Operators

  Logical Operators     Supported in OSE   Label in OSE
ignore n/a *
and Match all of the following
or Match any of the following
unless n/a

* This operator is non-explicit in Eudora OSE since the number of entries in the Header interface is dynamic, as opposed to classic Eudora where there were two fixed header selectors, the second of which should be explicitly ignored if it wasn’t utilized.

The importer should generate a warning if the second filter parameter cannot be properly negated to meet the unless condition.

Filter Actions

  Filter Actions     Supported in OSE   Label in OSE
Make Status Intersects Mark as Read only. Classic Eudora also allowed Unread, Replied, Forwarded, and Redirected
Make Priority Mostly intersects classic Eudora’s Set Priority To, except for the omission of the Raise and Lower priority settings
Make Label Tag Message
Make Personality
Make Subject
Play Sound
Notify User
Notify Application
Forward To Forward to
Redirect To *
Reply with Reply with Template
Server Options Split into two separate top level actions – Delete from POP Server and Fetch from POP Server – instead of making those same actions available as submenu selectors
Copy To Copy to
Transfer To Move to
Junk Set Junk Status to allows for a Not Junk setting which was not available in classic Eudora
Skip Rest Stop Filter Execution

Eudora OSE adds the following filter actions not found in classic Eudora:

  • Add Star
  • Delete Message
Delete Message could be accomplished in classic Eudora by simply transferring to Trash, but did not exist as a unique action.

* In classic Eudora, the process of using filters to automatically redirect messages was referred to as Turbo Redirect, as opposed to invoking the redirect command manually from the toolbar button or Message menu.