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johnjbarton, honza, robc, jresig

Upcoming events

  • Steve Souders mentioned the Velocity Conference in San Jose for June, calls for topics in the air. Steve to send Jresig an email.

  • DONE - update/fix blog theme (robcee)
    • working now, just a logo and gradient to add
  • todo - add users for jresig and honza (robcee)
  • todo - fix links on pages (robcee)


  • Couple of new translators and many updates + New Locale ro-RO (Romanian).
  • All UI strings should be localized now.
  • Latest Firebug uploaded to
  • Localization API improved ($STR and $STRF)
  • No more entites, all properties
  • Both 1.3 and 1.4 updated (code and locales)

Net Panel

  • honza working on gathering comprehensive list of MIME types for dealing with binary files. Needs to prevent them from being cached.
  • New HTML tab (preview for HTML responses, available in case of text/html content type)
  • Support for custom tabs (from Firebug extensions) for net requests (like Headers, Params, etc.) within net panel.
  • New lighter color for net panel's time line (the blocking phase isn't so noticable now)
  • Progress with missing HTTP-ON-EXAMINE-RESPONSE event bug 449198. A patch is available (Honza: some prototyping already done).
  • MozAfterPaint events could be visually depicted in the Net panel (vertical lines). Steve: having an option to switch this on/off to avoid performance penalties would be useful. - see,
  • Detailed timing available in 1.4 so, there is a time for additional tweaking and improvements.
  • steves mentioned js timeline information, css information
    • feeling is that we'll need some firefox/gecko changes to gain insight into CSS load/render events
  • thinking about names for next-gen net panel,
    • Timeline, "Honza"(++), Sequencer, ...


  • DONE - push new API changes (jresig)
    • should be ready to go, just waiting on some security review, but otherwise useable.
  • Unit test for Issue 601 implemented for Fireunit. Some new APIs appended to fireunit object (mainly to access internal Firebug's objects like: Firebug, FirebugChrome, FBL). Waiting for feedback from John Resig.
  • Honza's added some networking tests

Activation UI

  • still thinking about possible improvements to this.
    • jjb mentioned implementing a front-most tab limit to debugging in addition to current site-enablement.
  • robcee still would like to do a screencast on the enablement UI
  • Issue 1174
  • Issue 1175

Firebug 1.3

  • DONE - check on downloads of 1.3 (robcee)
    • number was around 4000 downloads of 1.3 latest as of last week for all of November.
  • new tabcache probably wasn't tested thoroughly
  • Need to backport R1364 or whatever equivalent Honza decides - IN PROGRESS
  • viewport code looking good - jjb
  • Ready for 1.3b3? - Honza: all is ready from my side.
  • likely schedule release for next week

Firebug 1.4

  • a7 maybe this week
  • a5 and a6 since last time
  • new: debugger controls stay visible on all panels while on a breakpoint
  • Implemented stepStayOnDebugger to keep chrome out of firebug and vice versa. Mainly for chromebug.
  • implemented break-on-next UI. Behavior is still expected to be funky. Explore with caution! - jjb
  • breakOnNext may not work perfectly for event handlers generated by firefox dynamically. Still working on this. - jjb
  • Completed dynamicURLhasBP to avoid MD5 on eval unless breakpoints are set on evals. (Be nice to have some talos results).
  • skipScrolling if the lines are still in view. Viewport changes are good,
  • can include better highlighting
  • extending support for debugging scripts created by adding source through document.createElement().innerHTML
  • Release notes started: ReleaseNotes
  • move to beta when 1.3 released

Chromebug 0.4a2

  • possibly broken focus on Mac, jjb to investigate, robcee to try to verify.
  • inching forward.
  • based on firebug 1.4 now


  • jsd2 work can begin - jjb
  • bugzilla cleanup for 2.0-only problems.
  • chromebug in firefox 3.1 is opening 0-size windows
  • bug 465993 Blocks chromebug on FF3.1
    • todo need someone to install the test case and verify - robcee
  • new jsd tests: /fbug/chromebug/tests/
  • need someone to install this extension in an clean Firefox profile (no Firebug) and try it.
  • bug 379410 (jsdICompilationUnit) First work in progress patch. reworked the test case: fbug/chromebug/tests/
  • bug 449454 Work abandoned, Lower priority now since 379410 will do the work.
  • Bugs against jsd:

March of the Firebugs