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Upcoming events

  • Steve Souders mentioned the Velocity Conference in San Jose for June, calls for topics in the air. Steve to send Jresig an email.

  • clobber production?
  • updates?

Firebug 1.3

  • one more beta! (b7!) release this week? Please?

Firebug 1.4

  • move to beta when 1.3 released
  • move to beta in early january, currently works in 3.1 in its alpha state
  • honza mentioned an extension contributed by a tufts university student consisting of a JSON panel. After some discussion, decided to included it in 1.4 core for trials.
  • outstanding issues in fbug 1.4 in firefox 3.1,


  • jresig - alpha! DONE
  • net tests checked in DONE (honza)
  • honza script tests are starting, not hard
  • need a UI to locate list of tests
  • need to be able to run a single test (startNet.html has single links, probably a decent model)
  • lists in chrome: ?
  • UniversalXPConnect?


discussion starts

  • current state is that we have no clear list of priorities
  • lots of existing extension points - need better documentation
  • christoph points to his wishlist -
  • christoph to rewrite firePHP and document the process on his blog, wants to keep track of extension points and changes to them, create test-cases that exercise these extension points should be a priority.
  • simplify process of creating tools or extensions using DOMplate. There should be a way to prototype an extension using a wizard-like interface or walkthrough.
  • JJB- division between fbug project test cases and fireunit makes them harder to use in automation, need to bridge this gap
  • Adam Pellan(?) asked about documentation for fbug, people still finding it hard to get involved and access what documentation there is.
    • robc suggests using fbug project page wiki (jjb recommended firebug working group wiki) for generating documents and rolling them up to as they coalesce
  • christoph to start extension development

Activation UI

  • brief revisitation of this discussion
  • to resume discussion in email
  • send in the prototypes!
  • robc attempted to recap emails, recommends simplifying rather than adding new UI.
  • curtis raised the comment about using different (ffx) profiles for testing/debugging. robc suggests that's probably a small number of users.
  • steves asked some local devs a few questions about what sites were enabled in their browsers with firebug. Those who did know that firebug was enabled, couldn't tell for which sites it was turned on.
  • honza suggests we're working on opposing goals. People want a Big Button.
  • robc mentioned that even if we go to a big button, we'll still have the mini drop-down menus for turning features on or off. steves suggests that the minimenus are not visible enough. should be tweaked to be more visible/obvious.
  • curtis suggests asking users up front about what type of user they are (designer vs coder) to setup firebug on first use. Hiding script, console and net if a user doesn't want them.
  • robc has also suggested something similar for the tabstrip, with a button to turn on code panels, leaving them off most of the time.
  • steves asked about issue 1176, suspend/resume state on session restart
  • jresig thinks we should try to simplify. Promote using a separate profile and further explain and document the activation process and why it exists.
  • to follow up in an email thread, hopefully with mockups.


  • jsd2 work can begin - jjb
  • bugzilla cleanup for 2.0-only problems.
  • chromebug in firefox 3.1 is opening 0-size windows
  • bug 465993 Blocks chromebug on FF3.1
    • todo need someone to install the test case and verify - robcee
  • new jsd tests: /fbug/chromebug/tests/
  • need someone to install this extension in an clean Firefox profile (no Firebug) and try it.
  • bug 379410 (jsdICompilationUnit) First work in progress patch. reworked the test case: fbug/chromebug/tests/
  • bug 449454 Work abandoned, Lower priority now since 379410 will do the work.
  • Bugs against jsd:

March of the Firebugs