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Hans, honza, johnjbarton, mikec, curtisb, robc

Upcoming events

  • Steve Souders mentioned the Velocity Conference in San Jose for June, calls for topics in the air. Steve to send Jresig an email.

  • update for 1.3.0
    • DONE
    • jp localization DONE

Firebug 1.3.1

  • 1.3.1 beta on release on AMO in a week or two

Firebug 1.4

  • move to beta when 1.3 released todo
  • move to beta in early january, currently works in 3.1 in its alpha state
  • Hans Hillen ready to commit code for a11y
  • keep current implementation of simple activation
    • clean up current implementation with steve's suggestions
  • current search UI needs work
    • wire it up to current simple UI

Firebug 1.5

  • open for reviews and commits



Activation UI

  • changes in new 1.4 alpha - try 'em out!
  • simple activation in 1.4 or 1.5?


  • jsd2 work can begin - jjb
  • bugzilla cleanup for 2.0-only problems.
  • chromebug in firefox 3.1 is opening 0-size windows
  • bug 465993 Blocks chromebug on FF3.1
    • todo need someone to install the test case and verify - robcee
  • new jsd tests: /fbug/chromebug/tests/
  • need someone to install this extension in an clean Firefox profile (no Firebug) and try it.
  • bug 379410 (jsdICompilationUnit) First work in progress patch. reworked the test case: fbug/chromebug/tests/
  • bug 449454 Work abandoned, Lower priority now since 379410 will do the work.
  • Bugs against jsd:

March of the Firebugs