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curtis, honza, johnb, mikec, robc

Upcoming/Recent events

  • jjb on vacation next week (march 9-13)
  • mozilla allhands (apr 27-29)
  • Velocity Conference in San Jose for June, calls for topics in the air.
    • attending so far, honza, robc
      • Honza to present 10 minute feature on Firebug
      • may have 30-45 minute workshop on website performance testing, robc and/or honza volunteered
    • tentative attendees, jresig, johnjbarton

Firebug 1.3

  • done

Firebug 1.4

  • activation problems with current code in 1.4 branch
    • console throwing exceptions
    • net panel not updating on refresh (honza fixing)
    • enablement doesn't appear to work consistently
  • activation UI work:
    • test cases largely complete
    • excised old activation code
    • activation net panel UI (honza) DONE
  • curtis' UI changes now waiting on activation cleanup
    • revisit next week
  • new search implementation requires new UI todo
    • next/prev buttons or keybindings? voting for keybindings
    • notice at end of file prompting to wrap or cycle files
  • kpdecker's solution for issue 902
  • console reporting when minimized broken now, looking for solutions

March of the Firebugs