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Upcoming/Recent events

  • mozilla allhands (apr 27-29)
    • robc and honza to attend. plan on visiting with fwg on thursday, 30th.
  • Velocity Conference in San Jose for June, calls for topics in the air.
    • attending so far, honza, robc
      • Honza to present 10 minute feature on Firebug
      • may have 30-45 minute workshop on website performance testing, robc and/or honza volunteered
    • tentative attendees, jresig, johnjbarton

Firebug 1.4

  • activation code all in.
  • curtis' UI changes now waiting on activation cleanup
    • DONE cbartley
    • inspect button and break-on-next debugger button move todo curtis
  • 1.4a17 shipped
  • new search implementation requires new UI todo honza
    • next/prev buttons or keybindings? voting for keybindings
    • notice at end of file prompting to wrap or cycle files
    • honza has incorporated search function into netpanel
  • kpdecker's solution for issue 902
    • not happening
  • console reporting when minimized broken now, looking for solutions
    • probably not going to happen

Firebug 1.3

  • issue 1565
    • not much we can do. behavior's changed and the work-around fix is worse than the disease.
    • new beta for 3.0.8?
    • ship 1.3.4 with 3.0.7 disabled?
    • -> ship 1.3.4 with workaround? <-
      • betas shipped last week as soon as honza's patch is ready.
    • wait for 3.0.8?
    • unable to reproduce bug 482293 today. Something's changed.
      • to contact panoramio and ask for what changed, might give us a clue as to what's causing the bug


Post 1.4 work

  • Punjabi Manoj has a call tracing function ready to implement
    • should contact him and evaluate implementation/integration difficulty
    • bug on file, bug 469492 (already fixed)
  • event listener info
  • extend jsd API
    • script creation notification

Net Export Feature

  • honza to document and create net events
  • steves to discuss output format with simon from httpwatch
    • discussed, they're using their current format but will be happy to create importer/exporters for other data formats, e.g., JSON

March of the Firebugs