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curtis, honza, hans, steve, robc, jjb

Upcoming/Recent events

  • Velocity Conference in San Jose for June, calls for topics in the air.
    • attending so far, honza, robc
      • Honza to present 10 minute feature on Firebug

Random bits

  • added blocks1.4 label to issues page
    • criteria: has testcase, regression, new feature that doesn't work properly
  • some terminology
    • panels are enabled or disabled
    • pages are active or inactive
    • firebug is on or off or suspended
      • possible pseudo initial state, off-in-startup
  • open placement
    • openInBrowser
    • openInWindow (detached)
    • minimized

Firebug 1.4

  • beta
  • Inspect issues?
  • Firebug Blockers
  • bug 488730 Wrong line numbers in source - patch in hand
    • Issue 1628
    • some question of testcase validity
  • bug 483672 Permission denied for <http://localhost:7080> to call method UnnamedClass.handleEvent@XPCSafeJSObjectWrapper.cpp:445.0- verified fixed
  • bug 493074 CSS loading issue - verified fixed
  • bug 495274 CSS changes when Firebug active in Firefox 3.5 - verified fixed
  • bug 493968 Error loading CBC news page with Firebug enabled - verified fixed
    • and issue 1782 to track a weird race condition in 3.5b4 and up
  • bug 494235 prevent calls to upvar-referring closures with incorrect JSContext.display - patch in hand
  • bug 456996 After 304 browser doesn't send "If-None-Match" or "If-Modified-Since" (resulting in a cycle of 200->304... - resolved invalid
  • anything missing?

  • revisit, cleanup extensions page
  • promote featured extensions, jsdiff when ready, closer to 1.4


Post 1.4 work

  • Punjabi Manoj has a call tracing function ready to implement
    • should contact him and evaluate implementation/integration difficulty
    • bug on file, bug 469492 (already fixed)
  • event listener info
  • extend jsd API
    • script creation notification
  • bug 488270 New APIs for precise time measurement of net requests.

Net Export Feature

  • honza to document and create net events
  • steves to discuss output format with simon from httpwatch
    • discussed, they're using their current format but will be happy to create importer/exporters for other data formats, e.g., JSON

March of the Firebugs