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Firebug 1.5

SourceBox change

  • Some bugs, tests do not pass (jjb)

Break On ...

  • Good progress: Break on DOM, HTML, Net.
  • Move Break on Errors from Script Option to Console Break On Next
  • Create breakpoint object for Break on error
  • (maybe later) add conditions via Breakpoint side panel
  • Problem: the Script panel has hit breakpoint but no longer signaled when you switch panels

Persistent Net panel

  • other outstanding issue for 1.5

Target: end of Sept.

  • Need to check on 3.6 schedule
  • Looks like we can make our plan

Firebug 1.4.3

  • ready to ship on AMO when Rob returns

Source code cleanups

Break up lib.js

  • Firebug.UsefulNameOfSomeKind -> lib/Useful.js
  • Constants into separate file? Or in to the closest matching lib/ file?
  • Remove SourceFile* from lib.js (jjb)


Honza has bug for adding upload ability Need bugzilla bug for admin controls