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Firebug 1.5

Break On ...

  • Break on DOM
  • break on HTML
    • grey gutter issue to hard for 1.5
    • just break in context menu
  • Move Break on Errors from Script Option to Console Break On Next
    • Done: Do we need a bread crumb?
  • Break notification. (jjb)
    • add change details
    • (maybe later) add conditions via Breakpoint side panel
    • net panel has conditional
  • Problem: the Script panel has hit breakpoint but no longer signaled when you switch panels

Persistent Net panel

  • other outstanding issue for 1.5 (honza)

Target: Oct 13, one week

  • CSS Selector search
  • search UI panel

Firebug 1.4.3

  • On AMO

Source code cleanups

  • Done, Remove SourceFile* from lib.js sourceFile.js
  • Done, breakpoints.js


  • Honza has bug for adding upload ability
  • Need bugzilla bug for admin controls

Testing on FF 3.6

  • robcee has been using it
  • FBTest?

FBTest results

Firebug: 1.5X.0a25
Firefox: 3.6b1pre, 1.9.2b1pre, 20091006034008, en-US
Export Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2009 18:09:36 GMT

FAILED script/singleStepping/drive.js: Single Stepping Tests
- The break must be on 14 line. [ERROR]
- The break must be on 15 line. [ERROR]

FAILED dom/breakpoints/breakOnProperty.js: Break on property change

FAILED net/1764/issue1764.js: Net panel misses page load.
- There must be at least one request displayed. [ERROR]

FAILED html/breakpoints/breakOnNext.js: Mutation breakpoints test

FAILED html/breakpoints/breakOnElement.js: Mutation breakpoints test

P1 Bugzilla

  • Need on Firefox: Bug 500128 - Long js files (longer than 65535 lines long ?) have incorrect line numbers
  • Need regression: Bug 520421 - Firebug execution line UI update fails
  • Stuck: Bug 515051 - Stream listener registered in a network request channel eats JS error messages
  • Need to land: Bug 508562 - Add option to disable javascript.options.strict for debug builds
  • Need to land: Bug 448602 - Have a way to enumerate event listeners