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  • HTML: take patch on issue 2448? yes (jjb)
  • 1.5b3 JS debug fix: really stop other events. (jjb)
  • 1.5 features list blog (robcee)
  • 1.4.5 out and ~65% deploy.
    • Need blog posting (jjb)
  • chromebug
  • Firebug / FF 3.7 crashes (jjb)
  • eventbug support is FF 3.6b2, need to retest and blog (Honza, jjb)
  • bugzilla 505001 needs attention (robcee)
  • Accessibility on 1.5...issues with the search panel (Hans Hillen, kpdecker)
  • extension swarm working started, to be added to FBTest (jjb)

March of the Firebugs