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Issues for 1.6

  • Locale improvements
    • Fallback to US-en
    • Switch Firebug to US-en
  • Time for b1
    • Blocks 1.6
    • a17 this week, fix test bot
    • b1 next week
  • Completion
    • TAB, avoid flashing
    • CSS3 background text? maybe placeholder text? FF4 only?
    • TAB TAB to change focus
  • Accessibility Review
    • Focus on editors wrt Escape key
    • Restore focus on command line opening
    • TAB key on completion ok
    • Accessible to tab panel
  • Concentrate on swarm
    • New Prototype: Swarms
    • store test results to CouchDB (honza)
    • collect test list from extensions and run all
    • contact extension authors,
  • Localization in 1.6?
    • DONE All strings in properties, no DTD, fallback to english.
    • DONE Script to move from DTD to properties
    • Fallback to English on FF non-English locale. Honza to read file url
  • First run page
    • one per alpha and beta

1.6 on FF 4.0

Daily testing for Firebug + Firefox

Firebug 1.7

  • Branch and attack debugger.js/fbs to get a plan for refactoring work.
    • New API between debugger.js and fbs to match CrossFire protocol
    • add support for JS debug to Firebug for Google Chrome
    • prepares for jsdv2
    • prepares for mobile web debug at least for JS
  • Refactor to support Firebug Embedded:
    • Firebug in Firefox as jetpack
    • Firebug in Google Chrome more complete, more common code

Not discussed but saved for next week


  • Testing of backend: FBTest?
    • Darin
  • Listener client/server
    • Browser Tools Interface
  • Socket startup and shutdown issues.
  • Avoiding context transfer?
    • Leave all model info on server side
    • Client side has "presentation model" (cache of info needed for panels)
  • Accelerated 1.7 work to get Firebug for Fennec
    • Honza and Mike: Firebug to Firebug via CrossFire
    • TODO: Reverse relationship between TabWatcher and Firebug
    • TODO: Command line flags to init firebug from crossfile (module vs panels)
    • Test case for re-attach


updated March of the Firebugs