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John J. Barton, Darin Wright, Steve Roussey, Jan 'Honza' Odvarko, Curtis Windatt, Micheal Rennie, Pat Mueller

Issues for 1.6

  • Time for b1
    • Blocks 1.6
    • FF b4 code freeze, fuzzy text solved: we should plan for 1.6b1 soon
    • One major bug left, issue 3327, needs a test case
  • Completion
    • Linux problems Need to investigate for 1.6
    • New option to hide popup extensions.firebug.commandLineShowCompleterPopup
    • set true by default, false for linux on FF 3.6
    • investigate on FF 4.0 (HONZA)
  • Accessibility Review (Hans out this week)
    • new key shortcut mechanism proposed by Hillen,
    • will create prototype on 1.7 branch for now
  • Need feedback on Swarm (jjb on another project this week)
    • New Prototype: Swarms
    • collect test list from extensions and run all
    • contact extension authors,
  • The Firebug Swarm
    • First run page
    • one per alpha and beta
    • donation page
    • New support for testing extensions (Honza, kpdecker); need doc
    • New tests for completion needed (Honza)

Firebug 1.7

  • Branch and attack debugger.js/fbs to get a plan for refactoring work.
  • Refactor to support Firebug Embedded:
    • Firebug in Firefox as jetpack
    • Firebug in Google Chrome more complete, more common code
  • Darin making progress on Firebug.Middle
    • Middle ? BrowserToolInterface ? BTI. DebuggerProxy
      • Sub objects.
    • Event patterns.
      • Request scripts, callback handler
      • Register Handler, callback on event
    • Call styles discussed in newsgroup
  • Firefox proposal window.console
  • Standards may based on Web IDL or [JSON Schema]
  • First new feature: JS ReRun
    • enabled on breakpoint
    • Button left of Continue
    • re-runs current stack from its first function.
    • tested on click event handler
    • needs key binding, FBTest, trial on a lot more cases....

1.6 on FF 4.0

  • known issues
  • Looks like FF 4.0b4 might work for Firebug, in code freeze now, out next week

JaegerMonkey (FF 4.1?)

  • uses jsd, adapted
  • some tests failed, under investigation (HONZA)

Daily testing for Firebug + Firefox


  • Webkit Inspector Protocol?
  • Testing of backend: FBTest?
    • Darin
  • Listener client/server
    • Browser Tools Interface
  • Socket startup and shutdown issues.
  • Avoiding context transfer?
    • Leave all model info on server side
    • Client side has "presentation model" (cache of info needed for panels)
  • Standards may based on Web IDL or [JSON Schema]


updated March of the Firebugs