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John J. Barton, Steve Roussey, Jan Honza Odvarko, Michael Rennie, Darin Wright, Mike Collins.

Issues for 1.6

1.6 on FF 4.0

  • FF 4.0b7 status?
  • JaegerMonkey FF 4.0!
    • FF 4.0 Nightly build renders Firebug JS debug inoperable
    • uses jsd, adapted
  • FF 4.0b5/6 need to test and check against knownissues list


Relation to Firefox/Jetpack

Three different jetpack-ish ideas are being kicked around:

  1. Small jetpack to open swarm page as package
    • restartless: user experience similar to FF 3.6 install
    • users see extensions and can install all at once, much more convenient
  2. Jetpack adapter: a firebug module loader written in jetpack
    • becomes the home for all Firefox-specific integration code
    • includes eg Firebug start button (now in status bar).
  3. Firebug extension loader
    • restartless loading of firebug extensions
    • resembles jetpack but for firebug
    • this part would be cross browser

Cross browser extension mechanism

  • Using bootstrap mechanism (no restart, same as jetpack)
    • panel add/remove no restart
  • Lite and Firefox Firebug ext.
    • script async vs sync loading
    • Dorn transporter CommonJS RequireJS: need adapter for jetpack.

Firebug 1.7

  • Focus on debugger.js/fbs
    • add support for JS debug to Firebug for Google Chrome
    • prepares for jsdv2
    • prepares for mobile web debug at least for JS
    • give experience for complete refactoring work.
  • Option: invent script.js and mozilla-backend.js
    • alternative to debugger.js/firebug-service.js
    • allows parallel development, at the cost of copy and paste for un-refactored code.
  • New API between debugger.js and fbs to match CrossFire protocol
  • Firefox proposal window.console
  • Mutation Recognizer needs to support removal of UI features
    • eg remove breakpoint (HONZA)
  • Refactor to support Firebug Embedded:
    • Firebug in Firefox as jetpack
    • Firebug in Google Chrome more complete, more common code
  • DONE Need more detailed plan (JJB to propose)

-- Not discussed this week ---

Fund Raising

  • California non-profit.
    • Eric Jung, maintainable.
    • Software Conservancy to meet Sept 20 (No word as of 9/28)
    • Check with Mozilla (jjb()
  • Delegating can go ahead
  • Zazzle problem on black tee-shirt
    • Wait for reprint
    • look into other sites (jjb)
    • Mouse pad looks great
  • Firebug trademark vs Firebug non-profit name?



updated March of the Firebugs