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John J. Barton, Honza, Steve Roussey, Mike Collins, Grant Gayed, Mike Rennie, Pat Mueller


  • Keyboard interference
    • 1.6.1b2 next week, 1.6.1 after good

FF 4.0

  • Still stuck
  • 4.0 will not support interruptHook unless prefixed with enableSingleStepInterrupts(frame)
  • Break on next for script panel used interrupt hook but it has no 'frame'.
  • Solution: re-coded Break On next using topLevelHook and functionHook.



  • exports object mystery
  • James Burke: wants to assign to exports
  • node supports
  • convert BTI to modules


  • Some progress in discussions between Bradley Kuhn, Steve Roussey and John Barton

Source Mapping

Mueller Debugger Server

  • webkit backend web-inspector
  • talk remote XHR
  • console, DOM view support, not JS debug
  • working to open source via PhoneGap (~1mon)
  • could be example code for working with webkit


  • extension mechanism "Tools" support mostly working and checkin
  • console and net listener examples as tool
  • change breakpoint todo next
  • Fennec example on deck