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John J Barton, Jan Odvarko, Steve Roussey, Grant Gayed, Michael Rennie, Mike Collins, Pedro Simonetti Garcia

Firebug 1.6.1

  • AMO 1.6.1
  • Review process
  • Need to fix 3880

Firefox 4.0

  • Tracemonkey 4.0b9pre mostly working !
  • Fixed [firebug-p1] list
  • testbot fixed soon.


  • new ModuleLoader.js in Firebug tree
  • lib.js move constants?
  • could add compilation unit API

Firebug 1.7

  • Need new release this week.
    • autocomplete bug.
  • firebug-service.js new JS stepping code
    • bubble pop up issue on step out
  • todo support debug of Firebug while its debugging
  • BTI: stack frames next


  • Mozilla sockets vs WebSockets
  • Try to connect to V8?
  • Try to connect to node?
  • "Tools" loaded via ModuleLoader



  • Contact from Pedro

--Johnjbarton 10:12, 11 January 2011 (PST)