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John J Barton, Honza, Steve Roussey, Mike Rennie, Grant Gayed, Pedro

Firebug 1.7

  • 1.7a11 looks good
  • Need to re-pollute
    • Need deprecate
  • Issue 4057 jjb
  • Issue 3408 fails on Linux testbot
  • 1.7a12 for Friday
  • Assess for beta on next call

Firebug 4.0

  • Zero or One issue on firebug p1??

bti branch


Meeting in Mountain View

  • JS team
    • Andreas Gal, Steve Fink, Dave Herman
    • Very positive support for Firebug enhancements.
  • Web Devs team requests
    • discover extensions
    • drag drop HTML
    • Colors formats
    • SVG drag
    • like hover support before: and after:
    • font face decorations.
    • debugging foreach step-in