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Pedro Simonetti, Grant Gayed, Mike Rennie, Mike Collins

Firebug 1.8

  • No John or Honza this week, but we guess 1.8 is nearly done?


  • Another strange serialization bug: issue 4635, Mike Collins will look into
  • Wiki and bug reports updated for a8
  • Grant has implemented return status codes for the IE Server.
  • Status codes and possibly breakpoint pluralization last major outstanding issues for a8 or beta.


  • Flexbox UI work is progressing.
  • Looking for feedback on bottom toolbar. See newsgroup thread.
  • chrome.js / FirebugChrome API differs in Lite vs. Firebug 1.8, still need to implement flexBox chrome module.
  • Large console panel and bottom console have to be kept in sync, need to implement console panel to be maximized view of bottom console.