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Jan Honza Odvarko, Pedro Simonetti, Mike Rennie, Grant Gayed, Mike Collins, Steven Roussey

Firebug 1.8

  • Release 1.8 final this week
  • Yet two blockers fixed
    • Issue 4628: Pop-up windows are blank
    • Issue 4369: Missing JavaScript lines in Firebug script display window
  • Issue 4506: Allow Firebug extensions to modify requirejs config before modules are loaded
    • Related to: expose module loader to extensions
    • No solution except of an 'extensions.firebug.architecture' preference
    • Create a new preference for custom list of modules: 'extensions.firebug.defaultModuleList'

Remote Debugging & Crossfire

Firebug & Lite

  • Pedro, Firebug Lite 1.5, needed for feedback
  • Event delegator could be nicely utilized in Firebug