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Jan Honza Odvarko, Mike Rennie, Grant Gayed, Pedro Simonetti

Firebug 1.8

  • Firebug 1.8.3 released this week (compatibile with Firefox 8)
    • Firefox 8 moves to beta on September 27 (schedule)
    • Backport: Issue 4811: No file name shown for requested URL paths

Firebug 1.9

  • 1.9a2 released
  • Firebug UI embedded in a <browser> element (Robo Form and Status Bar fixed)
  • FIXED Issue 4689: Add option to copy parts of JSON data (Tasoss)


  • Issue 1179: Actions do not move the program counter after Step Into if breakpoint is on first line of function (Honza)
  • Issue 4128: use swapDocShells for detaching (Amirjanyan)

Firebug TestBot

  • 4 tests fails in 1.9a2 (negative failures)
  • Pedro to write some more test for the HTML panel, progress?


  • FBTrace embeds Firefox built-in Source Editor (based on Orion)
  • The editor doesn't support breakpoint column, but it could be added by Firebug.

Memory Leaks

Firebug Swarms

  • Still under construction
  • Done:
    • Version comparison with the user agent
    • Version comparison with the (automatically) selected Firebug version

E10S & Remote Debugging & Crossfire

  • JSD2 in nightlies
  • Bug 666713 - Dynamic analysis of chrome->content operations in Firefox
    • Waiting for an XPCOM service that forwards logs to JS for dynamic analysis.

Firebug & Lite

  • Using a small library to access localStorage in the browser (user data in IE).
  • Firebug Lite 1.4 release this week.

  • Perch still doesn't work properly (wiki is fixed) bug 639438
  • Fixing Bug 684704 - move to new generic cluster in phx1 could also fix Bug 639438 - Wiki and Perch on require login again and again.