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Jan Honza Odvarko, Mike Rennie, Sebastian Zartner

Firebug 1.8

  • Firebug 1.8.3 released last week (compatible with Firefox 8)

Firebug 1.9

Issues (discussed last week):

  • FIXED Issue 1179: Actions do not move the program counter after Step Into if breakpoint is on first line of function (Honza)
  • FIXED Issue 4128: use swapDocShells for detaching (Amirjanyan)

Issues to solve:

  • Issue 4681: Firebug panels are disabled after clicking on links that open in a new page and result in a download
  • Issue 4649: Firebug causes a second HTTP GET request of @fontface font-files
  • Issue 4848: Create new SVG inspector (can Mike work on this one?)
  • Issue 4627: String.prototype methods not showing up (Tasos)
  • Issue 4197: 1.7X.0b1 Autocomplete not recursing through "." operator objects; also ignores jQuery/$ objects (Simon?)

Firebug TestBot

  • 4 tests fails in 1.9a2 (negative failures)
  • Pedro to write some more test for the HTML panel, progress?

Memory Leaks

Firebug Swarms

E10S & Remote Debugging & Crossfire

  • Roadmap
  • Bug 666713 - Dynamic analysis of chrome->content operations in Firefox
    • Waiting for an XPCOM service that forwards logs to JS for dynamic analysis.
    • Jim Blandy & Jason Orendorff working on JSDBG2 wrapper.

Firebug & Lite

  • Firebug Lite 1.4 release this week.