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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Pedro Simonetti

Firebug 1.9



  • Simon: making great progress on auto-completion
  • Improving the architecture, split into more modules
    • Issue 4901: Move the command line auto-completer out of Editor.AutoCompleter
  • Invite Simon and Tasos, to our conference call. Honza send an email

Firebug Automated Testing

  • Pedro investigating current FBTest API
  • Suggested improvements: simplify, mouse events
  • FBTest.selectElementInHtmlPanel should be refactored.
  • FBTest.inspectElement should be created
  • Pedro is going to investigate how to integrate Mozmill APIs.
  • Sebastian improved Creating a Test Case page

Memory Leaks

  • NEEDS MORE WORK Bug 669730 - Firebug causes immortal zombie compartments

Firebug Swarms

  • Sebastian dealing with DB (all extension meta-data should be stored inside a DB, not in file system)

E10S & Remote Debugging