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Jan Odvarko, Pedro Simonetti, Mike Collins, Steve Roussey

Firebug 1.9

  • 1.9a4 can't be released since, SVN -> synchronization doesn't work, waiting for Brian
  • FIXED bug 6891014
    • Still needs to be ported to Aurora
  • List of 1.9 blockers
  • Last 4th alpha and switch to beta?


  • PATCH COMMITTED Issue 4904: Firebug 1.8 and up fail to initialise when another browser addon uses the global message manager to load a content script at startup that calls sendSyncMessage (Honza)
    • waiting for verification
  • Activation problems, 4875, 4806, 4919 (all probably related to the same problem) (Honza)
  • Remove annotations.js and breakpoints.js files if the user picks "Reset All Firebug Options" ?
    • Agreed
    • Perhaps we should do a test with big annotation.js file (thousands of entries).
  • Issue 2916: Trace Styles Feature (Sebastian)
  • Issue 3071: Display sample of WOFF file inside Net Panel (Sebastian)

Firebug Automated Testing

  • Pedro investigating current FBTest API
  • FBTest is based on EventUtils.js library (from Mozmill)
  • Selection of an element in the HTML panel improved.
  • Documentation generated for FBTest APIs (not available on because of the sync problem)
  • Pedro's going to update source code comments
  • In order to improve speed of automated tests, we could remove included CSS file (coming from at least in the case the test is running in automated mode.

Firebug Swarms

  • Saving to the database is working
  • Loading needs to be done

E10S & Remote Debugging

  • Bug 669698 - Implement "linked remote browser" to load the inspector in the same content process as the content it inspects

  • Changes still not committed in - syncing doesn't work!

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