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Jan Odvarko, Steve Roussey, Simon Lindholm, Sebastian Zartner

Firebug 1.9

  • Switch to beta
    • Do we need another branch (1.10) during the beta phase. Continue discussion on FWG (Honza kick off)


  • Activation problems, 4875, 4806, 4919 (all probably related to the same problem) (Honza)
  • DONE Remove annotations.json and breakpoints.json files if the user picks "Reset All Firebug Options"
    • Documentation needed
  • Issue 2916: Trace Styles Feature (Sebastian)
  • Issue 3071: Display sample of WOFF file inside Net Panel (Sebastian)
  • Documentation for Firebug.registerExtension function. Perhaps a blog post about how to create a Firebug extension based on AMD and RequireJS.

Firebug Swarms

  • Saving to the database is working
  • Loading needs to be done

E10S & Remote Debugging

  • Not ready for testing Bug 669698 - Implement "linked remote browser" to load the inspector in the same content process as the content it inspects