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Jan Odvarko, Pedro Simonetti, Sebastian Zartner

Firebug 1.9

  • Release 1.8.4 (compatible with Firefox 9)
    • Honza: this week


  • Activation problem, Honza will test remotely with the reporter, Issue 4875: Firebug is active in unnecessary tab, put "I found a bug" into the report.
  • Honza: hunting down memory leaks, this should be fixed in Firebug 1.9 final
  • Honza: Documentation needed "Reset All Firebug Options"
  • Sebastian watching: Issue 4758: "NetworkError: 401 Unauthorized - [url]" NTLM authentication issue
  • Sebastian working on Issue 3071: Display sample of WOFF file inside Net Panel
  • Honza: Documentation for Firebug.registerExtension function. Perhaps a blog post about how to create a Firebug extension based on AMD and RequireJS.

Firebug Swarms

  • No progress this week
  • Saving to the database is working
  • Loading needs to be done

E10S & Remote Debugging

  • Honza: Kick off a discussion about Firebug architecture refactoring on FWG.