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Jan Odvarko, Mike Rennie, Hans Hillen

Firebug 1.9

  • 1.9 beta phase started
  • List of 1.9 blockers
    • Extension developers should report any existing problems.
    • FIXED offline: Steve will post some Extension API problems on FWG
  • Priorities
    • Automated Testing - Sebastian working on this.
    • JSD2 (not ready for shipping with Firebug yet)
    • HTTP Network Monitoring based on Remote Debugging Protocol
    • Positive feedback from dev-tools team: Explicit activation is good, not load Firebug at the start time is good
    • Memory leaks: more work planned (Honza)


  • DONE, User Resolved: Needs to be done: activation problem, Honza will test remotely with the reporter, issue 4875: Firebug is active in unnecessary tab, put "I found a bug" into the report.
  • Honza: Documentation needed "Reset All Firebug Options"
  • Honza: Still needs to be done: Documentation for Firebug.registerExtension function. Perhaps a blog post about how to create a Firebug extension based on AMD and RequireJS.

Accessibility (a11y)

  • A11y code is mostly related to domplate
  • It's hard to reuse domplate templates
  • Would be great to have reusable set of widget
  • Hans: to do some docs.
  • Update the "Customize Shortcut" dialog to cover also shortcuts defined in JS.
  • Hans: estimate amount of changes, they could be perhaps included in 1.9 beta.