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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Steve Roussey, Hans Hillen

Firebug 1.9

  • 1.9 beta 4, this week?
  • 1.9 final at the end of the year
  • Priorities for 1.9
    • Automated Testing - Sebastian
    • Memory Leaks - Honza

1.9 Blockers Progress

  • Issue 4508: New screencasts for Firebug 1.9
    • Steve working on this (several small screen-casts)
  • Issue 3009: Erroneous display of CSS inheritance
    • Steven committed a patch, Honza to review
  • Issue 1189: Display errors of inherited CSS styles in combination with shorthand properties
    • Honza to take a look
  • Issue 5019: Editing a variable in the Watch window doesn't work
    • We should probably disable the editing in same case.
    • Only expressions added by the user should be editable (only the name)
  • Issue 4983: FBTest shows wrong timing
    • Honza to provide STR
    • Sebastian to take a look
  • Issue 2183: Editing a text node with "Show Full Text" off displays cropped text instead of full text
    • Honza to take a look

Automated Tests

  • Firebug SVN -> sync works again!
  • All tests green on my machine!


  • Extension Developer extension has reload-chrome feature.
    • Could we have such feature in FBTrace?
    • Honza to take a look.