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Jan Odvarko, Steven Roussey

Firebug 1.9

  • 1.9 beta 5 this week
  • 1.9 final after xmas
  • Next Firebug weekly call: 3rd of January, 2012

1.9 Blockers Progress

  • Steven: Issue 4508: New screencasts for Firebug 1.9
  • FIXED Issue 1189: Display errors of inherited CSS styles in combination with shorthand properties
  • FIXED Issue 5019: Editing a variable in the Watch window doesn't work
  • FIXED Issue 2183: Editing a text node with "Show Full Text" off displays cropped text instead of full text


  • Extension Developer extension has reload-chrome feature.
    • Could we have such feature in FBTrace?
    • Honza to take a look. Plan

  • Honza: update Firebug Roadmap wiki page
  • Orion text view in the Script panel
  • Firecookie part of Firebug distribution
  • Delayed Firebug load (not slow down Firebug startup time)
  • New Firebug Activation (one Firebug instance per tab)
  • JSD2
  • Remote HTTP monitoring (based on JSD2 remote protocol)
  • Support for restart-less extensions (dynamic panels/modules/... registration)
  • Get rid of XUL

Memory Leaks, how to identify objects in CC heap dump?

  • Mark all objects in Firebug
  • Use a display name for every function (Steven to search for a tool)
  • Use class name for every class.