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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner

Firebug 1.9

  • 1.9.1b1 released last week
  • (~8K users on Monday)

Firebug 1.10

Firebug 1.10 Restartless

  • 1.10.restartless branch finished
    • Honza: merging 1.10rl with 1.10
    • fbStatuBarIcon also removed
    • Firebug loaded when the user needs it
    • Harutyun: example bootstrapped extension
    • Missing: fix some FBTest, make sure FBTest harness loads Firebug.
    • External editors: not part of the page context menu, Honza explain on FWG (two options: load it later or make external editors part of the loader)


  • Sebastian to make some rules for string-keys rules.

Automated Tests

Issues to fix, Sebastian?

  • Issue 5097: FBTest needs to set default UI size
  • Issue 5138: FBTest console/api/profile fails.