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Jan Odvarko, Christoph Dorn, Sebastian Zartner

Firebug 1.10

  • 1.10.0a3 this week?
  • Multiline command line is based on Orion (color syntax).

Firebug 1.10 AMD

AMD Improvements: needs FWG discussion

  • Replacing RequireJS loader, Sourcemint
    • Also does file concatenating
    • Christoph providing working version and examples next week.
    • Honza should review before Tuesday's Firebug call
  • Implement packages (e.g. Orion == an independent package)
    • Firebug Loader could be also divided into more AMD modules that are joined into one Cu module in the release
  • Firebug API Backward Compatibility:
    • CommonJS Mapping
    • Extensions should use "firebug/lib/lib" module

Firebug 1.10 Bootstrapped

  • 1.10.restartless branch can we delete from SVN?
  • Honza done: Example bootstrapped extension
  • Honza todo docs: API design for Firebug 1.10 extensions
  • Activation needs to adapt delayed-load: needs FWG discussion
    • The logic should be part of the code loaded immediately
    • Potential problem with async FB loading (e.g. missed HTTP requests in the Net panel, JSD must be enabled soon)

Automated Tests

  • FIXED Issue 5138: FBTest console/api/profile fails.
  • Test bot "Failures" tab fixed, we should watch it

Needs to be fixed:


  • FWG has bunch of pending membership, what should we do?
    • Email to all asking why to join
    • Rules for joining: should be long time FB user, FB extension developer or anyone who wants to contribute to the Firebug project.

Moving to GIT

  • Keep SVN working at the same time for at least some period of time.
  • Keep Issue list where it is.
  • How to manage contributions (pull requests) if there is too many?