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Jan Odvarko, Christoph Dorn, Sebastian Zartner, Steven Roussey, Dave Camp

Firebug 1.10

  • 1.10.0a5 this week?

SVN -> GIT Transition


  • Windows:
   git config --global core.autocrlf true
   git config --global core.safecrlf false
  • Linux:
   git config --global core.autocrlf input
   git config --global core.safecrlf false

GIT Flow

  • Rules
    • Clean up feature branches
    • Recreate release branches from tags
  • Honza make a wiki page describing the flow


  • Some tests failing.
  • The test-bot needs from GIT:

Next Goals

    • Better Parser API, Sebastian and Simon
    • Firecookie, Honza (but what about Swarms?)


  • What about having a panel with extensions?
  • How far is the Swarms idea to be finished?
  • Sebastian: post a Swarm status.

Module Loader

  • Christoph doing progress
  • Modules join on the fly
  • Support for packages
  • Could enable independent package/module development in the future