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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Christoph Dorn

Firebug 1.10

  • 1.10.0a6 this week
  • List of 1.10 blockers

DevTools Meetup

  • JSD2
  • The Style side panel: pseudo-class lock (:hover, :active & :focus)
  • The Net panel
    • Image thumbnails
    • Independent Net panel repo
    • GET/POST could have its own column (see issue 2424)
    • Highlight HTTP requests if the page is using HTTPS
    • WebKit layout vs. Firebug layout. What is better?
  • Module Loader
    • Joe Walker forked Firebug and applied DryIce

Hacking on JSD2

CSS Pseudo-Class Lock

  • The last problem to solve is to "unlock" the locked element as soon as different element is selected.
  • Enhancement: Lock and unlock should be available in HTML panel context menu.
  • If the user locks another element, should the previous one be unlocked?


  • Firebug Command Line: Could we have a help command?
  • In some cases there is no option Open Firebug in Firebug Web Developer menu


  • The test-bot needs files from from GIT (bug 734368)

Round Table