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Jan Odvarko, Joe Walker, Christoph Dorn, Steven Roussey


  • There is no way to have a static link for hangout
  • What about to switch to Vidyo? (installed on Mozilla server)

Firebug 1.10

  • 1.9.2 out (waiting on AMO review)
  • 1.10a8 this Friday?
  • List of 1.10 blockers

Trace Styles Feature

Sebastian made great progress on issue 2916 and refactored the Computed side panel:

  • Infotips for colors, images and fonts
  • Persistent scrolling and folding state
  • Panel option to only show user-defined styles
  • Context menu options to expand / collapse all styles
  • Rebased on the web dev tools APIs
  • Refactored and centralized code shared between the CSS panel, the Style and the Computed side panel

HTTP Monitor

Good progress on HTTP Monitor.

  • Some details related to remote monitoring fixed (e.g. DOMContentLoad and load events properly sent from the server)
  • FBTrace remoting (sending FBTrace logs to the client), useful especially for mobile development.
  • Started embedding back to Firebug

Firebug Remote Debugging UI


Automated Tests

  • Clint Talbert, work still in-progress
  • Mike: adopting Net panel tests to mochitest.