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Jan Odvarko, Joe Walker, Sebastian Zartner, Steven Roussey

Firebug 1.10

  • 1.9.2 out (still waiting on AMO review)
  • 1.10a8 out
  • List of 1.10 blockers

Trace Styles Feature

Sebastian made great progress on issue 2916 and refactored the Computed side panel:

  • Computed Side panel is empty when reloading page with local file
    • Related to csslogic module
  • Style panel context menu missing editing element style option fixed.

Memory Leaks

  • Since Bug 695480 (Remove support for Chrome -> Content leaks) is fixed there doesn't seem to be any zombie compartments any more. Anyone could retest?

  • Bug 743930 - Properly sync with source base from GIT
    • Does this make sense?
    • We need different folder for different Firebug versions
    • Honza: kick off a thread on FWG

HTTP Monitor

  • Further details related to remote debugging fixed

Firebug Remote Debugging UI

Automated Tests

  • Clint Talbert, work still in-progress
  • Mochitest needs Firefox source & build.
  • Mike: adopting Net panel tests to mochitest, wait for his results

AMD approach

  • It's ok to define more objects in one AMD module
  • The file shouldn't be too big (thousands of lines is big)
  • Update code style page