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Jan Odvarko, Joe Walker, Sebastian Zartner, Steven Roussey

Firebug 1.9

  • 1.9.2 passed review
    • A few problems reported (but all false)

Firebug 1.10

  • Release 1.10a9 on Friday
  • Need to fix global IDs and document changes for extension developers here

  • Bug 743930 - Properly sync with source base from GIT

HTTP Monitor

  • Progress on porting to Firebug/Firefox

Firebug Tracing API

  • Suggestion to use console.* API
  • Honza: create a bug report for method - this should be used for filtering of log messages.

Script Panel Refactoring

Automated Tests

  • Clint Talbert, work still in-progress
  • Andrew Halberstadt going to start on it 4th of July.
  • Mochitest needs Firefox source & build.
  • Mike: adopting Net panel tests to mochitest, waiting for his results