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Jan Odvarko, Christoph Dorn, Joe Walker

Firebug 1.10

  • Release 1.10a10 out
  • What should be the minimum required Firefox version for 1.10?
  • Computed panel is empty, test fails
  • We need to fix issue 5221: Can't debug code made with console of FB 1.9 but can do it in <1.8
    • Still a problem, we need Harutyun

HTTP Monitor

  • Maintaining the same code base in 3 environments is hard. We need to revisit the approach here.
  • We need better packaging system
  • Firebug and HTTPM could be separated into more packages; that is easier to share.
  • See list of difficulties


  • Firecookie integration [started]
  • Development done in cookies branch.

Automated Tests

  • Andrew Halberstadt working on the test-bot


  • If test fails, reopen the original issue or create a new one?
  • Nobody is working on Firebug Lite. Should we make a public call for resources or publicly give up or something else?

Firebug Lite

  • Make a public announcement about Firebug Lite. FWG doesn't have enough resources to work on it and we should try to attract developers with suggestions where the project could go in the future. Honza to put together a blog post...