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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner

Firebug 1.10

  • Release 1.10a11 out
  • Firebug 1.10 beta 1 in couple of weeks!
  • What should be the minimum required Firefox version for 1.10?
    • Still not decided
  • We need to fix issue 5221: Can't debug code made with console of FB 1.9 but can do it in <1.8
    • Still a problem


  • Firecookie initial integration done
  • Next Steps:
    • Remove *Tools* menu and *Export All Cookies* option
    • Show Rejected Cookies needs to be fixed
    • Merge issue lists: Sebastian, try to import all the issues using API
    • We should change "firecookie" to "cookies" in string bundles.

Automated Tests

  • Test bot works again.
  • Fix manual test result upload
  • We need to fix
    • html/5255/issue5255.html
    • css/computed/5449/issue5449.html


  • Issue 4176: Commands in Firebug
    • Honza: we should keep existing command line API for UX back compatibility.
    • Simon's demo
  • Issue 1309: Add `console.benchmark`
    • This should be rather a command: ":benchmark"
  • Issue 4231: do not alphabetize custom objects' properties in console
    • We need to see how other in-browser tools do it first.
    • Honza: one preference "sort yes/no" should be just enough.
    • Honza: kick off a thread on FWG


  • Firebug to remove the built-in inspector context menu (or provide an option to remove it)
    • We can introduce a preference, but it shouldn't be done by default (but, nobody would probably use it).