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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Leon Sorokin, Simon Lindholm

Firebug 1.10

  • Firebug 1.10 beta 1 on Friday
  • The minimum required Firefox version is Fx 13
  • We need to fix issue 5221: Can't debug code made with console of FB 1.9 but can do it in <1.8
    • Still a problem


  • *Tools* menu and *Export All Cookies* removed
  • Cookie issue list mostly merged with Firebug
  • String bundles fixed and uploaded to BabelZilla

Automated Tests

  • Test bot works again.
    • html/onMutate fails on Linux
  • The test bot should built the xpi automatically from HEAD
  • Could we have a try build test bot for Firebug?


  • Issue 4176: Commands in Firebug
    • We need autocompletion for built-in commands
    • Honza: ask publicly on Firebug for feedback
    • New "commands" should be used to control Firebug
  • Issue 5571: Filter Cookies By Current Path should be on by default
    • All agreed
  • Issue 5142: Add help for console API to Command Line
    • Typing help should open a new tab, the same as pressing F1
    • It should also log a list of all available APIs with links to the wiki
    • Honza to report a new issue "Better wiki page for F1"
    • What about help for shortcuts (see what github and Google Project Hosting did, press Shift+?).
  • DONE Firebug to remove the built-in inspector context menu (or provide an option to remove it) (issue 5551)
  • Issue 5275: Don't use obsolete prefixed CSS
    • Marked as a 1.9 blocker.


We should talk about these, but they are not blockers:

  • Issue 2796: Ability to create a new rule in the style panel
  • Issue 5575: External editor: %line is empty on context-click in main window
  • Bug 766032: API for available CSS properties