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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Steven Roussey

Firebug 1.10

  • Firebug 1.10.0 out!

Holiday Plan

Firebug 1.10.1

  • Should follow shortly


    • Issue 5690: HTML panel in 1.10 replaces non-Latin UTF-8 characters by default by entities
      • Made Show Entities As Symbols default. Better approach?
        ⇒ Let's collect some feedback.
    • User agent CSS not shown in Computed side panel by default anymore
      • Show user agent CSS by default?
        ⇒ Keep it as it is and wait for more feedback.
    • Issue 5693: ySlow not working with firebug 1.10.*
      • Author asking for help
        ⇒ Steven will take care of it.
    • Issue 5699: Troubles with search tooltip
      • ⇒ Can anybody reproduce that?
        ⇒ Steven can. Sebastian will search the commit which fixed it formerly. And Steven will fix it.
    • Issue 5700: External editor no longer appears on right-click
      • Option was knowingly removed. Add it back?
        ⇒ Reason was to keep Firebug footprint on browser startup as small as possible. Wait for more feedback.
    • Turning off delayed load
      • Change functionality of extensions.firebug.delayLoad=false?
        ⇒ UI isn't opened on browser start. Honza will take a look.
    • Screencasts
      • Who's gonna do them?
        ⇒ We should all try to do a screencast. Steven volunteers. What software should we use?

Faster release cycle

  • Every 3 months instead of every 6?
    ⇒ Wasn't discussed.
  • What workflow changes does this include?
    ⇒ The workflow should probably stay the same, i.e. normal commits go directly to the master branch, bigger changes require a separate branch. The master branch needs to be kept releasable.


⇒ The author of a patch should be responsible for porting it back to 1.10.

Discussion whether to port or not should happen underneath of each related issue report.

⇒ Anything else needs to be discussed next time.