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Jan Odvarko, Bharath Thiruveedula (also joined, but having hardware problems)

No decisions this time so, I am just summarizing the list of questions and things for discussions...

  • Bharath Thiruveedula
    • added to FWG newsgroup
    • added to Firebug Google+ Circles

Holiday Plan:

  • Honza is away next week (6-10 of August)

Firebug 1.10.1

  • Firebug 1.10.1 this week (I'll push to AMO tomorrow)
    • With a bit of luck it could pass review till Friday
    • Backported commits
    • Backported issues
  • Screencasts, any progress anyone?

Firebug 1.10.2

Issues to fix:

  • Issue 5623: New pref to disable/enable delayed Firebug load
  • Issue 5035: Add ability to map domain/url path to a file system path for the purpose of opening a file in external editor.
  • Issue 5764: Change JSTerm's $ helper function from getElementById to


    • I personally like the suggestion, but FWG should discuss/agree.
  • Issue 4646: Incorrect marking of lines as executable

GIT Workflow

  • We should use git cherry-pick for backporting

  • Implement JSD2
    • Note that we need Firefox 16, perhaps 17 to be minimum for Firebug with JSD2 support (Firefox 17 moves to BETA on August 27, 2012)


  • Steven, did we help the YSlow team?