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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Simon Lindholm, Steven Roussey, Farshid Beheshti


  • Firebug 1.11a4 perhaps this Friday


  • Sebastian, Farshid: Issue 5862: Crop long CSS values in Style side panel
    • Issue 5862: Crop long CSS values in Style side panel
    • Issue 5880: Smart cropping of CSS values (contains better fix)
  • Issue 5705: HTML panel is not properly updated if an iframe is refreshed
    • This should be fixed
    • Sebastian to check whether the inspector has been broken before


We need to improve:

  • FAQ
    • Should be in Perch, perhaps only a subset, link from top menu (documentation)
    • Issue 4834: FAQ should be based on questions and answers
  • Ask for progress on updating wiki
  • I found a Firebug bug
    • Should be simpler to follow, nobody is reading it


Wiki to read: Asynchronous Data Access

Bugs we need to be fixed:

  • Bug 795916: It should be possible to evaluate more client expression at once.
  • Bug 795917: Get executable lines through the remote debugging protocol
  • Bug 795969: Promote list of pause actors at once
  • Bug 795974: Get change packets for updating the DOM panel
  • Bug 795979: RDP, new packet type: getObjectsProperties
  • Bug 795986: How to override dumpn logging function


Honza still needs to do this: design and buy some t-shirts

  • Zazzle (try again)
  • Cafepress
  • other options: Comboutique,, MySoti,, PrintShop, RedBubble, Shirtcity, Skreened, Spreadshirt, T-Shirt Monster, Wordans