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Jan Odvarko, Simon Lindholm, Christoph Dorn, Farshid Beheshti


  • Firebug 1.10.5 waiting for AMO review
  • Firebug 1.11a6 next week
  • DONE Honza: paste warnings from AMO to Issue 5768: Feedback from 1.10 Review

Test Bot

  • Honza: Create a test list of issues failing because of platform problems.
    • Not done yet, waiting for Andrew response.


  • Issue 5880: Smart cropping of CSS values (contains better solution for CSS value cropping)
    • The development needs happen a separate branch.
    • Simon will create the branch
    • Simon will provide a patch to fix the master
    • Simon will provide a list of related commits.
    • Some related commits should be ported into the branch.
  • Issue 6018: Support for IF tag in Domplate
    • Honza: take a look a that
    • It should be also easier to debug domplate (move eval at the end of the file)

Last New Features TODO in 1.11

  • Simon: Command Editor autocompletion
  • Issue 5416: Auto-completion for Command Line API
    • Let's see if Simon has time and we can solve related open questions
  • Issue 5873: Integrate FireClosure
    • Let's do a blog post about this and get feedback
    • AMO


  • A little progress on dbg-client.js reusing in Firebug


  • Still low priority
  • Honza still needs to do this: design and buy some t-shirts
    • Zazzle (try again)
    • Cafepress
    • other options: Comboutique, E-shirt.com, MySoti, Printfection.com, PrintShop, RedBubble, Shirtcity, Skreened, Spreadshirt, T-Shirt Monster, Wordans