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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Simon Lindholm


  • Firebug 1.11 final on Friday

Test Bot

  • Honza: fix the test net/5742/issue5742.html
    • We could perhaps have an API for tooltips
  • Honza: also fixing the cookies problem
  • Honza: will remove the old database
  • Honza: instructions for updateFBTests
  • It would be great to have an FBTest try server.
  • We want to fix: console/5945/issue5945.html
    • Just to check the line and col presence?
    • Also looks like Firefox bug, but how to report it?



  • Reported many times, menus inside Firefox are flickering/transparent
    • Should be fixed in Fx 18
  • DNS problem reported
    • Honza: waiting for response from Necko team

Known Failures


  • We should target 1.11.*
  • Show Closure Variables option should be off by default
  • Show Closure Variables option should be in Watch side panel, too
  • The DOM panel integration should be part of it
  • Issue 5873: Integrate FireClosure
  • Simon: start discussion about integration architecture.


We should focus on these:

  • Issue 5425: "TypeError: can't access dead object"
  • Issue 5118: Debugger gets deactivated on page reload
  • Issue 5646: Script panel claims "Debugger not activated" when going

back and forth in browser history


  • Still low priority
  • Honza still needs to do this: design and buy some t-shirts
    • Zazzle (try again)
    • Cafepress
    • other options: Comboutique,, MySoti,, PrintShop, RedBubble, Shirtcity, Skreened, Spreadshirt, T-Shirt Monster, Wordans