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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Simon Lindholm, Christoph Dorn, Florent Fayolle


  • Firebug 1.11.0 final last week
  • Firebug 1.11.1 soon

1.11.1 blockers

  • Issue 6124: Firebug add a new style tag with rules like .firebugResetStyles {} indefinitely.
    • Quite annoying, we should try to release 1.11.1 on Friday
    • Simon: provide STR
    • Honza, Sebastian: retest
  • Issue 6116: undefined values are ignored in string formatting of console.log
    • Sebastian will backport to 1.11
    • Honza: test

Test Bot

  • Honza: instructions for updateFBTests
    • Still needs to be done
  • Uploading of user results doesn't work
    • Sebastian: create a report
    • Honza: fix it

Firebug Dev System

  • Discussion thread
    • Christoph working of developer tooling for last couple of years
    • Command line tool SM (sourcemint) for managing dependencies
    • Build on top of NodeJS (like NPM)
    • Allows to ref packages on
    • Goal: one command to do entire setup developer env (e.g. for Firebug development)
    • Could also setup Firefox profiles
    • Could be used to setup Test bot
    • First supported OS is OSX and Windows is planned.


  • Issue 6059: Trigger action when include() is done
  • FireFile problem
    • Simon: to report an issue and suggest a patch
    • Could be fixed on Firebug or FireFile side
  • Console Grouping
    • Honza: review


  • Honza: send email to Florent and solve privileges


  • Still low priority
  • Honza still needs to do this: design and buy some t-shirts
    • Zazzle (try again)
    • Cafepress
    • other options: Comboutique,, MySoti,, PrintShop, RedBubble, Shirtcity, Skreened, Spreadshirt, T-Shirt Monster, Wordans