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Jan Odvarko, Steven Roussey, Florent Fayolle, Simon Lindholm

Next Meeting on January 8th


Test Bot

  • TODO Honza: instructions for updateFBTests
  • FIXED Issue 6132: Uploading of user results doesn't work
  • Results are pretty stable these days


  • Sebastian: Issue 4979: Group console messages
    • Honza: review
  • Issue 6133: Default include() alias for jQuery
    • Honza, Steven: let's try it
    • We should discuss again on January with Sebastian and Simon
    • There could be one jQuery alias for latest dev stable version
  • Issue 6059: Trigger action when include() is done
    • Ask the reporter for the real use-case
    • Why this feature would be useful?
  • Issue 6141: Access Firebug's $ function even if it's already defined on the page
    • Let's discuss under the issue


  • Datasets, WeakMaps, repObjects
  • What's the point of using datasets?
  • What's wrong with the repObjects?
  • Is patching the getRepObject() (for dead wrappers exceptions) enough?
  • Related: Pull request 63



  • Honza designed and ordered a t-shirt from Zazzle
  • Steven: try to create a Zazzle account