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Jan Odvarko, Steven Roussey, Sebastian Zartner, Simon Lindholm, Florent Fayolle


  • Firebug 1.11.2
    • Honza: ping the AMO reviewers
  • Issue 6256: Auto-completion is slow
    • Could be part of 1.11.3, together with some other issues?


  • Honza: Issue 2434: POST redirect displays wrong content in response
  • Honza: Issue 2865: Net panel response blank, if response type is not the requested type
  • Honza: Issue 3096: Headers pretty print broken
  • Simon: Issue 5416: Auto-completion for Command Line API
    • Sebastian, Honza should test the prototype
  • Issue 5768: Feedback from AMO Review
  • Honza: Issue 4009: XHR messages are different in the Net and Console panel
  • Sebastian: properly set labels or 'blocked on' fields on blocks-1.11 issues

Lib Refactoring

  • Florent: pick up and suggest APIs we really want to change/remove/deprecate


  • We need a way how to open autocompletion popup from scratch (Ctrl+Space)
  • Honza DONE: Remove the openmrs-core
  • Florent: Issue 6232: Firebug hangs at startup on
    • Honza: review the patch
  • Issue 6025: Flash in the Net panel should cover all browser plugins
    • Everyone should make a comment (express opinion)


  • Honza: using Bug 837723 to keep navigation between the Script panel and other panels working.

Firebug T-Shirt

  • Steven?: talk to the support at about how to create Firebug store.